St. Stephen's Elementary

Parent Lockdown Letter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The safety and security of our students and staff is a top priority for St. Stephen’s School
and the Halifax Regional Center for Edcuation September, we will be implementing a number of  measures as part of a comprehensive plan aimed at ensuring our school remains a safe place for our
students to learn: Fire Drill, Hold and Secure Drill, and Lockdown Drill.

During a Fire Drill, students will evacuate the school according to the safety instructions that they are given. We will only re-enter the building when given the direction to do so by the authority that deems the building
as safe. 

During a Lockdown Drill, students remain in the classroom, regular activity stops, all doors are secured and the students remain inside the room until instructed by the safety authority figure to resume their regular activities. All exterior doors are locked as well and no one is permitted to enter or leave the building.  Students are kept inside the school and classrooms when circumstances make it safer to stay in the classroom rather than evacuate.

A Hold and Secure Drill requires the classrooms to close their doors and keep them locked and continue with regular teaching/activity.  Hallways are clear.

As we prepare our students to properly respond to all three drills, it is important they are knowledgeable of the proper response to each drill as all three are of equal importance.
Please be assured that staff at our school will spend time discussing the importance of the drills and
procedures with students prior to running a drill. We will also take time after the drill to
remind them that it was only a practice and there was no danger. When possible, our School
Liaison Officer may assist us in conducting the Lockdown drills just as the Fire Department
assists with evacuation drills.

We kindly ask that you take the time to speak with your child about these safety procedures and reinforce its importance. We practice these drills to ensure our school remains a safe place for teaching, learning, and having fun.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the drills mentioned. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Yours In Education,

Frances Waterman-O'Connell
Principal of SSES